The purpose of the Maximalist Project is to help you maximize your life. In that process, we share all sorts of force multipliers: Ideas. Frameworks. Tools. Apps. Gear. Apparel. The list goes on.

Anything we cover here is because we know it to be a force multiplier worth sharing.

And in true Maximalist fashion, when we find something interesting and effective, whether it’s an app, website or piece of gear, we try to work with the creators to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. This page will give you a transparent look at those relationships.

Affiliate Relationships – Maximalist Project is proudly built on Ghost. Ghost is a powerful and flexible, open source platform for professional publishers. It allows us to write more, publish faster, and own our content here at the Maximalist Project. This site includes affiliate links for Ghost. If you take action (i.e., subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, Maximalist Project will earn a commission. This money helps pay to run the site.

Notion – Notion is where all the great Maximalist Project ideas go to marinate before hitting the big screen. It’s our external brain and a great way to keep things organized. If you sign up after clicking one of our Notion affiliate links, we receive $5 in Notion credit, and you get $10 in credits to get started. Win/win.

Todoist – Being a Maximalist means getting the important things done. And Todoist helps us keep track of what those things are. If you sign up for Todoist Premium after clicking on our Todoist affiliate links we earn 2 free months of Todoist Premium.