Great American North Florida Rooftop Bar Tour

Enjoy drinking outside? On a rooftop? And you live in North Florida? We’ve got the list for you.

The Lowdown

I think it’s fairly common knowledge that rooftop bars are a big city perk. Big cities come with big city views, and small towns come with, well…small town views. That is unless you know where to look. Because even though North Florida may lack skyscrapers, you can still get a view with your drink.

  1. Rooftop @ Black Sheep
  2. Rooftop @ Hoptinger
  3. Rooftop @ River & Post
  4. Rooftop @ Casa Marina
  5. Rooftop @ San Sebastian Winery
  6. Rooftop @ Burrito Gallery
  7. Rooftop Patio @ Coop 303
  8. Rooftop @ Salty Pelican’s
  9. Terrace @ the Library
  10. Terrace @ Cowford Chophouse
  11. Rooftop @ Intuition Ale Works
  12. Rooftop Terrace @ Top Golf

Black Sheep Rooftop

The O.G. rooftop bar in 5 points. And home to some of the best made cocktails.

Black Sheep Rooftop

Hoptinger 5 Points Rooftop

A relative new comer to the 5 Points Rooftop scene.

Hoptinger 5 Points Rooftop

3. Rooftop at River & Post

Easily one of the best views of Downtown Jacksonville.

River & Post

4. Rooftop at Casa Marina

The best view at the beach.

Casa Marina Rooftop

5. Rooftop at San Sebastian Winery

Wine with a view.

San Sebastian Winery Rooftop

Burritos with a view?

Burrito Gallery Rooftop

7. Rooftop Patio at Coop 303

Chicken with a view?

Coop 303

8. Rooftop at Salty Pelican

Salty Pelican with a view?

Salty Pelican

9. Terrace at the Library

Book with a view?

Downtown Library Terrace

10. Terrace at Cowford Chophouse

Cows with a view?

Cowford Chophouse

11. Rooftop at Intuition Ale Works

Beer with a view?


12. Rooftop at Top Golf

Golf with a view?

Top Golf

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