Jacksonville: Beaches Dive Bar Crawl (Local Edition)

Want to taste the best, most expertly crafted cocktails Jacksonville has to offer? Then you’re definitely going to want to skip this list.

There’s something pretty cool about a bar that doesn’t give a shit.

Doesn’t give a shit what Gucci shirt you’re wearing. Doesn’t give a shit how many AMEX points you have. Doesn’t give a shit about some unattainable girl to guy ratio. And sure as shit doesn’t give a shit about your fancy two ingredient cocktails.

These magical places are, of course, dive bars. Where the only thing they do give a shit about is getting you white collar wasted on a blue collar dime.

As Playboy magazine so eloquently summarized, a dive bar is at its core:

A church for down-and-outers and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low rub elbows—bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities. It’s a place that wears its history proudly.

– Playboy Magazine (August 2010)

So if you’re looking for your very own church for down-and-outers, you’re going to want to head on out to Jacksonville’s Beaches to take on the Big 4.

  1. Rocket Bomb + Darts @ Ginger’s Place
  2. Shots & Karaoke @ Mangos 2.0
  3. Ping Pong @ Pete’s Bar
  4. Deep Conversations on the Patio @ Flies Tie

Ginger’s Place

A little background on Ginger’s Place. It’s family owned. It opened in 1976. It’s haunted. They have darts and karaoke. And it’s a great place to start, and if you’re not careful, end your dive bar crawl.

Home to the “World Famous” Rocket Bomb, where one part blue mystery liquor, one part red mystery liquid, and the better part of a Smirnoff Ice come together to create something truly…interesting.

What I love about Ginger’s Place is how intimate it feels. You’re in a space the size of your living room, a couple of yards from third street and across the street from the chaos that is Jax Beach, yet it’s easy to keep a low profile. If you want to have a some group fun playing darts, by all means. But if you just want to kick back and have a drink with your buddy or catch up with the bottom of a bud light and your thoughts, that’s well within reach.

Ginger’s Place

Mango’s 2.0

Up until recently Mango’s was one of the diviest dive bars at the beach. The air, if you could call it that, reeked of smoke and poor ventilation, while locals eeked out karaoke tunes and knocked back bottled domestics until closing time. A recent change in management has led to a massive improvement in the air quality, though much of what makes Mango’s Mango’s is still intact.

The fun of Mangos is the amount of engagement you’ll end up having with the other patrons. Because no one starts their night with a “let’s go to Mangos” everyone who ultimately ends up at Mangos is looking for fun and/or trouble.

Mango’s 2.0

Pete’s Bar

The smoke, storied history, games galore. And that alluring neon sign. Pete’s Bar is the Vegas of dive bars.

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Pete’s Bar

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