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Ever wish you could have an extension of your mind? Same. That’s why we’re loving the new beautiful ai-powered mymind app.

Mymind Review

Ever wanted to reference something but couldn’t quite remember what it was or where you found it? Or have you ever wanted to quickly pull together all the different sources of information you’ve collected on a topic into one organized view?

Maybe there is a quote or story you want to re-read. Or a set of images you’ve seen that would help inspire you. Sometimes it’s just a meme or article you wish you could share at the right time.

Most of these opportunities pass us by because we can’t remember everything we’re exposed to, no matter how relevant or interesting it may be. And organizing everything into a single, searchable database is a huge task. This is especially true for images which are often contextual.

That’s the problem mymind’s new artificial intelligence-powered app is working to solve.

What is mymind?

In short, mymind is a visual, searchable, repository for things you want to save.

No manual tagging was added to these items.

It can be used to save:

  • Quotes & highlights
  • Web snippets
  • Inspirational images
  • Video bookmarks
  • Colors & hues
  • Products you like
  • PDFs & documents
  • Private notes
  • Articles & bookmarks

There is no need to organize or categorize what you save because mymind’s artificial intelligence engine automatically tags your items.

This means when you save something, you can quickly search and drill down to the items you want (including text or objects in images) with little or no organizational effort on your part.

How Is mymind Different From [Other Save It Later Tools]?

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The answer to this question is simple: beauty and privacy.

Mymind was created by a team led by the German-born Tobias van Schneider, former lead product designer & art director at Spotify. He and his business partner originally designed mymind as a tool for themselves.

I don’t want to deal with organizing things. I don’t want folders. I don’t want categories or structures. I don’t want to think about how to make sure I’ll be able to find this later. I want something to do the job FOR ME instantly. An extension of my mind.

Tobias van Schneider

In order for this to truly be an extension of their mind, they created a manifesto to guide their efforts.

This included a promise of:

  • No social features
  • No collaboration
  • No vanity metrics
  • No social pressure
  • No tracking
  • No ads
  • Always private

How mymind Works

mymind shortcuts

Mymind is 100% search-based.

You add items to your mind as “cards” using the browser extension. You can grab entire pages, images, or just snippets of text, or upload a file from your computer directly into your mind.

When you save the item, you have the option to manually add tags if you want, but mymind’s artificial intelligence engine will auto-generate tags for you regardless. Meaning there’s no organizational work needed on your part. If mymind does happen to add a tag you don’t agree with, you have the option to remove it.

While searching you can use a number of different filtering methods including by a specific card type (articles, websites, notes, snippets) by format (PDF) or by time period (yesterday, last week, etc.)

Stacking searches is also possible to create a “deep search” which allows you drill down multiple levels. For example, if you are looking for all your quotes on leadership, you could search [quotes] hit enter, and then type [leadership].

You can also search for text or objects within images and by time period.

Contextual Search

Who Should NOT Use mymind?

Mymind is not for most people.

Its pricing and business model necessitate that you value privacy and design more than the average internet user. And with the sheer number of free and low-cost solutions for managing and storing information you may not find value in mymind’s highly visual approach at its current $10/month price point.

Mymind is NOT for you if:

  • You want a free solution
  • You need a folder-based structure
  • You don’t care about privacy or sharing your data
  • You want the ability to collaborate
  • You want to share everything you save
  • You never need to reference things you’ve seen

Who Should Use mymind?

For those who do value privacy and design, and don’t mind paying for an elegant, highly visual, search-based digital storage solution, mymind is a homerun.

Mymind IS for you if:

  • You want a private, privacy-focused storage solution
  • You want a gorgeous, highly visual solution
  • You need a place to store your design inspiration
  • You want an ai-powered search for images and text
  • You don’t mind paying for these things

Mymind Cost: $119/year (As of December 2023)
Website: mymind — The extension for your mind

Have you tried mymind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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