Rainy Day Fun in Riverside/Downtown

It’s pouring. You’re caught up on your Netflix and HBO Max shows. Time to venture out for some rainy day fun in Downtown Jax and Riverside.

The Lowdown

Anyone can stumble into a good time when the weather is nice.

Patio brunches, rooftop cocktails, beach days, and long bike rides through the neighborhood. Sunshine always delivers the fun. But what about when the skies turn gray and the rain starts to pour? Do you know where to go when the bottom drops out?

If you’re like us, you’re headed away from the beach and over to Riverside and Downtown for a day of indoor fun.

  1. BREW Five Points
  2. 5 Points Vintage
  3. Chamblin’s Uptown
  4. Keg & Coin
  5. Sun-Ray Cinema

BREW Five Points

First things first. We’re headed to BREW Five Points for grab-and-go breakfast and coffee. Sure, there are a ton of great spots for coffee and a bite in Riverside. But BREW puts us right smack dab in the middle of Five Points, gives us those only-in-Riverside local selections, and is right next door to our next stop.

Wolf down a piece of Southern AF Toast (smoked cheddar and jalapeno pimento cheese, cumin pickles, and cholula on house-made toasted bread) and an Americano for a quick $10 energy boost. Grab a Mimosa Kit to go and let’s head on over to our next spot.


5 Points Vintage

Going to Five Points and not stopping at an antique store is like going to an Irish pub and not ordering a Guinness or Smithwick’s.

Sure, you can do it. But why? Five Points Vintage is room after room of classic toys, records, glassware, jewelry, and small collectibles. If you’re in the market for a set of vintage cufflinks, you’re in luck—the selection is excellent. The staff is knowledgeable about the inventory and aisles are clear, especially compared to some of the other antique shops, making this an excellent place to spend a couple of hours on a rainy day.

Chamblin’s Uptown

Keg & Coin

Sun-Ray Cinema

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